Since 2009 WCIF is the partner of San Francisco based Foundation TechSoup Global. The result of this partnership is the technological platform TechSoup Bulgaria through which Bulgarian NGOs and community centres gain access to cutting edge technological solutions and licensed high quality software.

TechSoup Bulgaria is the only platform in Bulgaria for technological donations to NGOs, community centres and public libraries. The platform is oriented entirely to the civil organizations sector and provides technological assistance in their important public benefit activities.

TechSoup Bulgaria supports civic organizations by enhancing their administrative capacity and in this way improves the quality of their work and facilitates their communications.

The major benefit that not for profits could draw from the platform is to reduce their technological expenses and invest the savings in improving their core activities for fulfilling their missions.

The following leading technological companies provide donations on the platform: Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, SemantecDesktop, SemantecEnterprise,Tableau, Bitdefender, CleverReach, Verits. From 2016 a Bulgarian software company - Superhosting also donates through the platform. The number of donors on the web-site is steadily growing.

TechSoup Bulgaria also provides validations for Google in their non-profits donation program by validating applicants for: AdGrants, YouTube for Nonprofits and Google Apps.

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