The fund is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria, that delivers finances for the individual development of people who works in NGOs.

The discussion about the professional development of the people from NGOs, together with the topic about solidarity support within its framework, arose among several organizations (National Network for Children, Bulgarian Donors' Forum, Open Society Institute, Bulgarian Family Planning Association and Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation).

All participants understand the big necessity of a mechanism that supports the human resources of the sector. That is why they decide to put together resources and launch a fund that should meet these needs and preserve the potential gained by senior employees (support for health problems, creative leave, disposable assistance (provided as a reward for overall contribution) upon retirement, etc.).

The fund is unique for Bulgaria. It provides funding for the individual development of people working in the NGO sector, including staff, board members and volunteers, who can receive small individual grants.

The fund

There is a permanent fund that generates enough income (dividends) to offer individual professional development to people from the NGO sector. This will assist the fund to be managed independently as a progressive and innovative tool.

The fund aims to raise BGN 200,000 for a period of 2 years, which will be set aside in a permanent fund.

Channels and fundraising activities

The fund will rely on new donations from individuals, corporate donations, as well as institutional donors.

The Fund intends to reach these donors through various activities, including:

• Fundraising in public places / events;

• Invitations for donations;

• Donations from organizations;

• Others.

The fund will invest the raised money and will add the income to the permanent fund. The aim is at least 20 more NGOs to make donations. All proceeds from organizations and private donors will be invested to generate revenue.

The fund will raise funds from individuals depending on their will and capabilities. The initial goal is 100-150 individual donors. We expect some of the donors to be regular and make donations on a monthly basis.

Decisions on funding allocation

The fund will provide annual funding in support of people in the sector, based on transparent procedure. Decisions will be made by a public council, that will be set up for this purpose. It will consist up to 10 people and will work under special rules and conditions to ensure transparency, accountability and independence.

Name of the fund

The fund is called Tanya Fund as a way to commemorate the memory of Tanya Kovacheva, Program Director of the OAK Foundation and a person who dedicated her life to the cause of Bulgarian children, working more than 20 years in the civil sector in Bulgaria.

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