We encourage philanthropy and provide funding and other resources to civic organizations to develop their capacities and the communities they serve. 

The mission of WCIF is to encourage different communities to take responsibility and to work actively for social development utilizing fully local resources.

For us these communities are not only geographical but also professional and interest based. We work with all of them toward local development, as well as toward developing and implementing donor practices, by offering different ways of realizing these ideas in Bulgaria together with business organizations and individual donors.

In order to achieve its mission WCIF supports:

• Development of cooperation among stakeholders in communities as an important tool for achieving social change on the basis of joint responsibility;

• Development and strengthening of non-governmental organizations as an important factor in the process of civil society development;

• Development of local philanthropy as a prerequisite for the development of vibrant civic organizations, because neither the civic society, nor its organizations can exist without the active support of socially responsible people, corporations or institutions.

The underlying values and principles of WCIF include:

• Participation and inclusiveness;

• Communities have their resources;

• Dialogue with all parties involved;

• Recognizing, understanding and respecting diversity;

• Value for money;

• Accountability and transparency.

The work of WCIF has its place in the process of development of Bulgarian society in the long-term. The initiatives we develop and support bring back a forgotten notion - the notion that the individual responsibility, trust, care and philanthropy are of significant importance for the life in a free and democratic society.

After 15 years of work, WCIF has achieved significant results in this direction. The quantitative dimension of some of them are:

• 1 186 projects of civic groups and organizations in the field of local development have been supported by WCIF;

• Over 8 million BGN fundraised and invested in the development of Bulgaria;

• Over 2,5 million BGN raised by grantees in various local communities and invested in the development of these local communities thanks to the active support of WCIF.

• Increased capacity of more than 10 000 people, representatives of 1 576 civic organizations from all over the country which has led to significant improvements in the functioning and operations of these organizations;

• Over 20 000 publications in local and national media and over 1 000 reports and interviews in electronic media covering WCIF work and activities of its grantees – a testimony of the interest of the fourth power to the organization its work and achievements.

Each grant that WCIF provides is complemented with funding raised by the local communities and thus, the circle of dependence on outside financial aid is broken and the process of building local philanthropy is stimulated. WCIF always acts responsibly toward the invested funding in the process of granting and ensures transparency and accountability.

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