"Local culture, traditions and customs"

WCIF possese a rich collection of photos (70x90), entitled "local culture, traditions and customs" that can be installed as temporary exhibition exposures upon request. The photos can be placed on wooden tripods or hanged on the walls on cord.

"Guardians and traditions"

The exhibition includes 20 pictures representing the forgotten traditions, customs, holidays and festivals of the Bulgarian past. The photos are taken by the photographer Radich Banev. The exhibition "Guardians and traditions" gives the answer to the question who are the modern guardians of tradition, why is it important to protect cultural heritage and does it make us more modern citizens.

The photographs were inspired by the twenty projects supported through the year 2014 by the WCIF program "Living heritage". Each one of the projects aims at preserving the cultural heritage of a different region of the country.

If you wish to decorate the interior of your office space, you can contact us. The initiative is philanthropic.

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