So far, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation has financed over 2,000 projects of civic groups and organizations in the field of local development, and thus has attracted and invested over 12 million BGN in the development of Bulgaria. The number of organizations funded by WCIF is 1,694. All supported organizations have attracted over 3.3 million BGN.

During these 19 years, WCIF was the first to:

• Start training small organizations to raise funds from private donors;

• Create the only training package for civil society organizations so far;

• Support local donations;

• Invest in the next generation of young philanthropists;

• Talk about the fundraiser profession;

• Manage the first corporate fund in the country;

• Make the first site in Bulgaria for online donations;

WCIF periodically announce new funding opportunities for civil society organizations.

Announces open calls for proposals with a fixed deadline for application and provides funding for current projects on specific topics.

All open competitions are published on the WCIF website.

Competitions with a fixed application deadline are published at least a month and a half before the application deadline. Information about the competitions is also disseminated through numerous newsletters, publications in electronic media and specialized Internet sites. Information is also directly send to former and current participants in WCIF programs, as well as through e-mails to local authorities. WCIF does not fund organizations outside the announced calls for proposals and applications.

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