We develop philanthropy Civil society and its active participation in the processes of change of the country are impossible without a conscious and meaningful support to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies with philanthropic attitudes, donative motivation or desire for voluntary work. The development of private philanthropy is one of the opportunities for citizens united in various civic organizations to change for the better their life and not to depend on public funds or international aid.

WCIF supports and promotes philanthropy in Bulgaria and works actively for the development of sustainable philanthropic mind-set. We provide the knowledge and skills to civil organisations how to interact with donors. This usually takes place in the form of trainings, consultations and support for NGOs. Their efforts in raising funds from private donors is commemorated by the "Zaedno” /Together/ awards for best fundraising campaigns organized and implemented by WCIF. We also support civil society organizations in their efforts to raise funds through the web-site: zaedno.bg.

WCIF acknowledges the importance of media coverage and involvement in the creation of philanthropic mind-set. We monitor significant media coverages in the field of philanthropy and award prominent materials in electronic and printed media and distinguish journalists from various media that contribute to the topic through the “Zaedno” /Together/ awards. The contribution of independent voices of individual citizens on issues related to philanthropy we acknowledge by the award “Civic position provoking debate”. We also work with business representatives by offering various possibilities for them to show their social engagement and responsibility.

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