Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation supports local organizations and individuals by providing them with easier access to technology resources, thanks to the Foundation's partnership with the San Francisco-based technology donation organization TechSoup.

Techsoup is a global network of civil society organizations working to improve the quality of work of organized civil society, providing them with access to resources - technological solutions and skills.

The platform provides software donations, discounts on their purchase, access to hardware products, validation for receiving financial donations, knowledge and skills to increase the competencies of team members of civil society organizations on topics related to technology and their effective use and others. This support frees up valuable resources for civil society organizations, and the savings can be invested in the significant causes they work on.

The network has partners in 70 countries around the world to carry out its mission. WCIF operates for the purposes of the network as TechSoup Bulgaria.

Through TechSoup Bulgaria, we provide technology donations for civil society organizations working in public benefit, community centers and public libraries. TechSoup Bulgaria supports civil society organizations by investing in their administrative capacity, increasing the quality of work and facilitating their communications.

The most important benefit of the platform is the ability for organizations to reduce their costs for technology products, receive resources to communicate their missions, goals and activities, and invest the savings in working to achieve their causes.

TechSoup Bulgaria started in 2009. For 12 years:

1,795 non-governmental organizations, community centers and public libraries have been validated in the platform.

5317 products were distributed at a market price of 3,529,019 euros

More than 2,798,350 euros have been saved, which have been allocated for other public causes

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