Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation is managing the only technology donations for non-profits platform in Bulgaria since 2009. 188 new civil organization in public benefit were registered on the platform in 2016. Over the year 247 orders were placed on the platform by 196 NG Os and the fair market value of the donated software products is approximately 380 000 BGN. Six new donors were added to the Bulgarian platform last year, one of them is the first Bulgarian IT company to become a local donor for Techsoup – Super- The other five are Tableau, CleverReach, Bitdefender, AutoDesk and Veritas.

TeshSoup Bulgaria, respectively WCIF is validating Bulgarian non-profits applying for Google for nonprofits. This is the global Google donation program for NG Os through which civil organizations can use three of the company’stop products: Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and Google Apps. In 2016 more than a hundred Bulgarian NG Os took the opportunity to improve their positioning and image mostly taking advantage of Google Ad Grants. With this service NG Os receive up to $10,000 of AdWords advertising a month to promote their websites on Google through keyword targeting.

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